Acne PLR Mini Pack


Acne PLR Mini Pack (15 Acne PLR Articles + 2 eBooks with Master Resale Rights)

People with acne skin consider it as an annoying problem , this pack of Acne contents will help you to educate your audience, offer them the assistance or solution for those are suffer in skin complaint. This will also turn them into buyers as you promote your skincare or healthcare business.

If you are on the lookout for great acne contents, check out what this Acne PLR Mini Pack can do for you.

The Acne PLR Mini Pack includes the following materials:

15 Acne PLR Articles

Title included:

1) Educating Yourself about Acne (546 words)

2) The Causes and Best Treatments for Your Acne (613 words)

3) 5 Simple Guidelines for Your Successful Acne Skin Treatment (566 words)

4) 5 Facts Regarding Acne Treatment (490 words)

5) Treating Acne the “Natural” way (482 words)

6) Common Acne Myths (464 words)

7) Using your Makeup Creatively to Conceal Acne (496 words)

8) Repairing Acne Scars (424 words)

9) Treating Acne Scars – Can Acne Scars Be Removed? (400 words)

10) Vitamins, Minerals, and other Supplements that Eliminate Acne (491 words)

11) Dealing with Teen Acne (504 words)

12) Easy Tips to Get Acne-Free Skin (505 words)

13) Helpful Tips on Controlling Your Acne Breakouts (551 words)

14) Why Green Tea Is A Good Natural Remedy For Acne (458 words)

15) Acne Home Treatment 101 (698 words)

**See Acne PLR Articles Sample Here.

How to use the articles: You can edit the articles as you deem fit. Beside to resell them or give them away for free, you can use them for newsletter content, presentation, create PDF reports, post the contents at your social media site to drive traffic to your site,video scripts or any other content creation you may think of.

eBook #1

The Natural Acne Remedy Handbook

acne natural remedies

In this eBook, you will learn:

 Discover 50 Ways to Treat Acne Using Natural Remedies.

 The benefits of treating acne using natural remedies.

 Natural acne remedies to treat acne scarring.

 The side effects of popular acne medicines and treatments.

 + much, much more!

eBook #2

Abolish Acne

abolish acne

In this eBook, you will learn:

 The Basics

 Acne Medicines That Work

 Quick Tips to Get You Started


 Change Your Lifestyle

What to Eat

How to use the eBooks: You can use them as sign up incentive, bonus item to go with your products, especially when promoting your affiliate program as this can help to encourage your audience to buy through your link. You may also resell them and keeps the 100% profits.

Grab this wonderful Acne PLR Mini Pack to save you from hours and money on creating the contents!

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Acne PLR Mini Pack

**Please note that PLR Articles are not unique content.


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