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Why Green Tea Is A Good Natural Remedy For Acne

Natural remedies have become very popular in recent years.  People have stopped looking at the expensive medications and creams to cure various conditions, and have started looking at remedies found closer to home.  This is, in part, because they are less expensive, but they are also on hand and easily obtained.

Acne is a common condition in teens and adults alike, and is no exception to the theory that a home remedy can sometimes be better.  If it’s worked for many years, why wouldn’t it work now?  One such remedy believed to aid in the healing of acne is green tea.

While many teas are fermented, green tea instead, is steamed soon after being picked so as to prevent the oxidation of its leaves.  This helps to retain the active substances the leaves contain.  Camellia Sinensis, or as we know it, green tea extract, contains a high content of Polyphenol, along with other important antioxidants.

Green tea can serve many purposes, and it is recommended for a number of reasons.  It acts as an anti-bacterial substance, decreasing hormonal activity.  Since acne is often caused by hormones, which produce excess oil and clog pores, thereby causing blemishes, green tea could be a good remedy for this problem.

The antioxidants contained in green tea have been shown as very beneficial to acne prevention because they help the body fight against free radicals that cause cell and tissue damage.  Green tea also has very few potential side effects, especially when compared to other acne products and medications.

Because of its advantages, green tea is also used in various creams and other topical products used to treat acne.  When compared with other commonly used acne treatments, it ranked high, because of its natural anti-bacterial properties.

Other products containing green tea extract are also sold and developed, and are available as herbal remedies.  It can be purchased as a cream.

Green Tea and honeysuckle is often called “Pimple Tea” in China.  It also helps your body rid itself of toxins, which helps prevent acne.

Green tea is also easily available.  It can be purchased in most stores that carry various herbal and other natural remedies, and can also be bought through many on-line sources.  It comes in the form of tea that you drink, or can be purchased in the form of the cream mentioned above.

Drinking green tea will help cleanse your body from the inside out, while applying the topical cream, which goes directly onto the skin, will help cure and prevent acne at the source.  No matter how you choose to use it, it can serve many purposes, and may be a welcome alternative to harsh products or unwanted medications.

Article Sample #2

5 Simple Guidelines for Your Successful Acne Skin Treatment

People with acne consider it to be an annoying problem, one that frustrates them to the point of hopelessness. Acne skin treatment does take time once acne has developed, but the truth is, if acne hasn’t already started, then it is fairly easy to prevent its occurrence.  If it has started to appear, then following your prescribed acne treatment should bring positive results in a short period of time.

No matter what your predicament, you can have healthy skin if you will keep a few guidelines regarding proper skincare in mind.

Keep your skin clean

Perhaps the most important part of your daily skin care regime is keeping your skin clean.  It should be washed twice daily, morning and night, with a mild hypoallergenic cleanser.  In addition, it should be cleaned after any activity that causes you to sweat an abnormal amount, such as strenuous activity or exercise.

Of utmost importance is the type of cleanser you use on your skin.  Scrubbing your skin with a harsh, abrasive soap will only make your acne worse.  If you don’t know of a good cleanser for your skin type, then consult your dermatologist for advice.  Once you have washed your skin (gently), then rinse it and pat it dry.

If your hair is oily, like your skin, then it should be shampooed daily because oil from your hair can easily find its way to your face and cause problems.

Shave carefully

Shaving is a problem generally affecting only men.  As far as choosing which type of razor to use (electric or safety), it depends upon which is the easiest and most comfortable to use.  When using safety razors, the short blade should be the only one used on acne-prone skin.  Before apply the shaving foam, the beard should first be softened using soap and water.  Shave very carefully and lightly to avoid irritating the blemishes that might be present.

Keep your hands off of your face

Manipulating (squeezing or popping) the bumps on your face will only cause them to spread or form ugly acne scars.  Keep your fingers completely off of your acne blemishes or you run the risk of interfering with your acne treatment.


Check your make-up products to ensure that they are hypoallergenic and do not contain oil.  If they do, or if they are old, you should toss them out and buy new products.  Be sure to read the product labels to ensure that they don’t contain ingredients that will conflict with your acne treatment.  Until your treatment progress, it may be difficult to use foundation or other liquid make-up products on your skin.

In addition to checking your make-up, you should also look at the shampoo and conditioner you use on your hair.  If they contain oil, acne could start appearing on your forehead.  Make sure all hair products are non-comedogenic.

Stay out of the Sun 

Even if you think tanned skin makes your blemishes look better, beware of exposing your skin to the sun, especially throughout your acne skin treatment period.  Prolonged sun exposure will age your skin rapidly and put you at risk for skin cancer.

In addition to the harmful effects of the sun on your skin, the acne medication you are using can react negatively when exposed to the sun’s rays, making you much more likely to get sunburned.


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